DIY Harry Potter Themed Costumes: Another Marquis Halloween

We went a little overboard with the Polyjuice potion at our Harry Potter inspired Halloween Party. With so many Potterheads in attendance, this was our most engaging party yet! Our guests went all out with their Harry Potter themed costumes and we loved all of them!

As you saw earlier this week, Fatima and I were Hedwig and Harry Potter:

DIY Harry Potter Costumes

Here are more DIY Harry Potter themed costumes from our party to get you in the mood for Halloween:

Luna Lovegood and Professor Snape:

Luna Lovegood and Snape

Hogwarts Express Train Conductor and Professor McGonagall (aka Dad and Mom):

Hogwarts Express Train Conductor and Professor McGonagall

Harry Potter Themed Costumes

Professor Trelawney:

Those tea leaves 💯.

Professor Trelawney

A Dementor:


Bellatrix Lestrange:

Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix and Harry

Harry Potter, Hogwarts Student, and another Professor Trelawney:

Harry Potter, Student, and Trelawney

Another Professor Snape and Cho Chang:

Snape and Cho Chang

Moaning Myrtle and another Professor Trelawney:

Moaning Myrtle and Trelawney

+ Hagrid:

DIY Trelawney and Hagrid

All of our amazing Professor Trelawneys!

All Trelawney Costumes

DIY Golden Snitch and Moaning Myrtle:

We loved the DIY Golden Snitch so much, he won ‘Best Costume’! He made it with plaster of Paris and an exercise ball.

DIY Golden Snitch

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