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Meet Our Plants

Meet Our Plants

It’s incredible how much life plants can bring to any space. Living in New York City, we’re not afforded the outdoor space (or space in general) I once had living in the suburbs of Connecticut. When we were looking for our next apartment, it was important for us to live close to a park (aka Central Park) and in an apartment with many windows. Now that we have the windows, we thought it would be nice to share our sunlight with our plants.

Meet Our Plants

Fatima’s been wanting to buy a plant since we moved in together almost 5 years ago. Our last apartment was flooded with only overhead light bulbs. A plant wouldn’t have been the best for that environment. However, we agreed that now would be the best time to make this important step in our relationship and buy a plant, or two!

Jade: a jade plant. She was our plant. We were looking for a plant that could be independent and withstand any sun or water fatigue. For our first adoption, Jade was good practice. She loves to people watch and read the books we leave for her on the coffee table.

Jade Plant

Adele: our aloe plant. Adele was named after one of our favorite artists. She loves to sing, her one-hit-wonder being ‘Aloe from the other side’. This is an ‘artsy’ performance because she usually sings to the kids at the school across from us from the other side of the window. So it’s really for our benefit. She has her ups and her downs. We’re still trying to find the right balance of light and water for her.

Aloe Plant

Aloe Plant

Winston: our cactus. Winston knows how to get right down to the point in conversation. He doesn’t fuss much, but he is usually complaining about Adele’s singing. When he’s not complaining, he likes to pretend he’s a mannequin by staying completely still. This is great for us because we use him as background in some of our photo shoots. He’s a professional.


Sophie: our succulent. It’s popular belief that succulents are very easy to take care of. I was skeptical because I’ve somehow managed to kill two (sorry Kate and Tammy)! However, Sophie has been a wonderful addition to our window sill. While she doesn’t speak often, she’s not shy about letting her petals out. She’s adjusting well and hasn’t complained about anything…yet.


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