Spring into Spring: Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning can be a mundane task, and typically held off until the weekend (or not done at all). When you live in a small space, clutter can make it feel even smaller. That’s why it’s important to keep your space clean. Jumpstart your spring cleaning with us!

We try to keep our apartment clean on a daily basis. However, life happens. After a long week, the last thing we want to do on the weekend is clean. To help break the dreaded weekend cleaning cycle, here’s our recommended Monday thru Thursday cleaning schedule.

Cleaning schedule


We’re going to focus on the living room. At the beginning of the week, especially on a Monday, the last thing you want to do is jump right into cleaning. The living room is a great place to start off the week because you can clean up any clutter from the weekend, and keep the TV on while you clean.

  • Dust everything
  • Wipe Windows
  • Vacuum/Sweep – depending on your floor situation
  • Clean coffee table
  • Go through old mail/magazines


Now, let’s focus on the bedroom. Hopefully another relatively easy space. Our goal is to declutter the space and put things away. Turn some music on and clean away.

  • Dust what you can
  • Wipe windows (if needed)
  • Vacuum/sweep
  • Clean desk
  • Clean sheets – run them through the laundry and replace with a fresh set


On Wednesdays we clean the kitchen. Use the momentum of hump day to focus your energy into this space.

  • Sweep
  • Wipe down the cabinets
  • Put things back into the cabinets
  • Clean and throw out old food from the fridge
  • Wipe down appliances


Before heading out for a night on the town, clean your bathroom. What’s so great about this space? It’s small and may only need some wiping down.

  • Wash rugs and towels – start here so you can get them in the laundry asap and to remove them from the space
  • Clean toilet – many cleaners require it to be scrubbed down and left to sit
  • Wipe tub/shower – again these cleaners may require to let sit
  • Wipe down mirrors/fixtures/sink
  • Sweep


Things you should just do on a daily basis.

  • Do dishes or fill up the dishwasher (and don’t forget to empty it when clean)
  • Wipe counters and stove after cooking (duhh!)
  • Make bed – to be honest, we do not do this every day. However, when it’s done, it make our bedroom look so much cleaner.
  • Laundry/ironing as needed to keep your hamper from overflowing


To add some extra freshness to your week.

  • Swiffer/mop
  • Febreze furniture
  • Take out the trash and recyclables (or more frequently if needed)


Recommendations to keep your apartment from becoming over cluttered. We did some of these about once a year and had a ton of stuff to remove from our apartment. Some of these tasks can be done bi-monthly or as infrequently as needed.

  • Clean out kitchen cabinets
  • Clean/organize closets and up-cycle clothing
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Clean out desk and other storage
  • Wipe down fridge shelves
  • Clean major appliances like the oven or the dishwasher
While there are name brand products featured and photographed in this post, those companies are not endorsing anything said here, nor is this post sponsored by any of those companies above.