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#LoveSummer: Honeymoon 2.0

Honeymoon 2.0

We finally got to go to Cabo! After Hurricane Odile devastated Cabo about 10 days before our Honeymoon, we weren’t sure when we’d be able to go back. However, we made it a point to get out there this summer for a get-away.

When looking for a vacation destination, especially one that’s coastal, Fatima and I just want to relax and take in the sun. With Fatima’s busy work schedule, we want to be able to just chill and disconnect. So, for the most part, we sat on the beach or in the pool (which was located practically on the beach). Here were a few take-aways from our trip:


Hotel: Solmar All-Inclusive
Overall we loved it. It reminded me of Key West. Being that it was all-inclusive we didn’t have to worry about food or drinks while on the property. We were kindly upgraded to a fantastic master suite with ocean views. The room was 4 times bigger than our apartment and it had two bathrooms! We felt so tiny in that space. The resort was right at the end of the Baja Peninsula (next to El Arco), Pacific-side. While we couldn’t go swimming in the ocean on this side, the pool was practically on the beach, which made sipping our umpteenth margaritas on the beach that much more convenient. The resort was just a 10 minute walk to the Marina, where the center of town and the Marina full of excursions were located.

Take Away: Great for young (and young-at-heart) couples and groups of friends. Would recommend Playa Grande or Grande Solmar if you have kids. If you are intent on swimming in the ocean everyday, go to another resort that overlooks the Sea of Cortez. The center of Cabo and the Marina has a great night scene. However, consider staying farther up the peninsula if you’re looking for peace and quiet. We heard the Sheraton was a great option for families and offered a quiet atmosphere.



If you’re looking for activities in Cabo, there are plenty of things to do. The Marina has a plethora of small business owners willing to give you a good deal on anything you want to do.

Take Away: Use the guys at the Marina and don’t book through your resort. Fortunately, we went directly to the business site to book a Sunset Cruise on the EcoCat (amazing). While your resort may have some great insight into activities and businesses, the business’ direct pricing was much cheaper than our resort’s “20% discount.”

Shout out to the EcoCat. What drew me to the EcoCat was the fact it was the “most stable” cruise available. Due to Fatima’s motion sickness, a rocky boat would not be the best for her. We loved it! We opted in for the VIP dinner which included open bar and BBQ dinner. Everyone on board loved it. It was family friendly – and at the same time – wasn’t overloaded with kids. The staff was fantastic, friendly, and loved to dance.


Cabo in August
It was hot, and at most times, uncomfortable to walk in when you’re exploring the town. It made ducking into many cantinas and stores in town a nice break from the heat.

Take Away: If you like the off-season lack of crowds and heat, book your trip for the summer months. However, as we were told, it’s less hot and humid from November-April. ALSO – whale migrating season is in the spring – March would be an ideal time to go. The Whales will breach right outside the hotel we were staying at. So if you’re looking for a great whale watching experience from the beach, that would be a great time to go. Just remember this would be peak-season, so expect peak prices and peak crowds.


Snake in Tequila
Take Away: If you come across a dead snake in a bottle of tequila, take the shot. This is my one regret. At the EcoBar, we were offered some tequila from a bottle with dead snake inside. I was very freaked out by it, and didn’t go for it. However, that’s my one regret. So if you are offered some, do it – it will be a great story to tell at some point in your life.


Bottom Line
We’re going back. Whether it’s just the two of us, or with family or friends, we’re going back. We loved the escape, it was gorgeous, and the people were fantastic. We’ll also go back when its spring so we can take advantage of those whales!

Sunset in Cabo