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How to Get Away with Halloween


Happy #TGIT! We can’t believe it’s Halloween this week! When this holiday rolls around every year, I know that November is literally right around the corner. What I love about this year’s Halloween weekend, is the that it’s time to turn the clocks back!

Hw to Get Away With Murder Halloween Costume

Our favorite new show out of the gate last year was How to Get Away with Murder, a show we make an effort to watch live – we’re hooked. We love Viola Davis and the entire cast (and crew!), and we were rooting for her all the way at the Emmys. In true Brian and Fatima fashion, we themed our costumes this year, and following last year’s Olivia and Fitz (Scandal) costume, we portrayed another Shondaland couple, Annalise and Sam Keating.

Last season, there was that shocking episode where Annalise found that picture on the dead girl’s phone! And that make-up removal scene. Viola Davis showed us a raw and vulnerable side of her character. In honor of that classic scene, we put together a little video to bring our Halloween costumes to life.


Annalise Keating – Fatima

Sam Keating – Brian

Director/DP/Camera – Nick (THANK YOU!)

Music – Naughty Boy (whole album is great!)

At my family’s annual Marquis Monster Mash, no one quite knew who we were on our own. For this costume to work we had to be together for people to get it and bring the murder weapon: Blind Justice.

Blind Justice

#Goals: we made it to Viola Davis’ Instagram

Lovin’ these costumes y’all! Keep em’ coming! #HappyHalloween

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