Favorite Running Spot

Fatima and I love running.  For me, it’s a great way to relieve stress.  Fun fact #1 – Fatima was a champion track runner in high school.  Fun fact #2 – I was a mid-field position in soccer (aka run up and down the field).  Running has been part of our lives.  One time in college, over winter break, we went out for a run on an unusually mild winter day.  After it was over, we thought we hadn’t gone that far – maybe a mile?When we tracked the distance via google maps around Hofstra University’s campus, we found we did 4 miles!!!

Last summer we participated in the NYC color run – an event we are again looking forward to this July!


We cannot run on a treadmill.  I’ve used treadmills a lot, but there’s something about running around the neighborhood, through the woods, in city, the park, and the beach that gives me motivation to run longer distances – atmosphere.  I hate feeling like I’m a hamster running on a wheel.  I’ve tried treadmills with TV screens playing videos of running through woods and etc, but it’s not the same.

Fatima likes to run around the city – I’m afraid of getting hit by a taxi and I don’t want to stop every few blocks for the crossing lights.  I need more of a continuous trail/path.  I would go up to Central Park and run around the reservoir   About 2 months ago, we discovered the east river promenade.  A beautiful path on the east river.  Conveniently, there’s an entrance a few blocks away.  It’s beautiful.  Central Park is overrated, this is our new favorite running spot.


After all, “[We] Run so [we] can eat.”