Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is right around the corner! If your dad is like mine, you know he’s a very difficult person to shop for. My sister and I have always tried to brainstorm a long list of Father’s Day gift ideas year after year to come up with the perfect gift. Growing up, my dad was there for everything cheering me on during little league and soccer games, the loudest clapper at my school plays, and possibly the one who shed the most tears at my wedding. I don’t know what I would do without him. He’s also possibly a minion (or leader of) and we don’t know it. With his love for the little yellow trouble makers (and trains), I made him a Minion train last year.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Oh the days of the handmade gifts, my sister and I presented to him as kids. Those were the easiest to make, a general good crowd pleaser. There’s one shirt my dad has that he still wears to this day. It must be over 15 years old at this point. If you’re still looking for ideas for your dad for Father’s Day, hopefully the list below will help to jump-start some ideas.

Father's Day Gift Guide