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A Lilies and Loafers Wedding (An Overdue Update)

This is an overdue post we never got to write. If you don’t follow us on some of our social accounts, then you may not know that we got hitched in September! Yes, September, I told you this was an overdue post. Now onto our wedding

DIY Wedding Table Setting

Wedding of the Year

September 27, 2014 was a hot day in the northeast. If you don’t remember, the 27th was a hot summer day. Right after a few weeks of cool, fall weather, we got the hottest day. However, there was not a cloud in the sky! We were blessed (or can I use #blessed just this once?) with a gorgeous day. Since we were having an outdoor wedding, we were ecstatic. Fatima and I built our day up from scratch. Using, my parent’s house as our reception setting, we pulled together an event space to celebrate with friends and family.

Wedding Party

One thing we realized is the world is much different today than when our parents’ were married. The rules different, the etiquette has changed, and the financing no longer sits on the bride’s parents’ shoulders (traditionally speaking). For the most part, the information provided via these wedding “tips” websites did not make sense for nor help us plan our day. In a way, we went against some of these rules, while still keeping a hint of tradition. Don’t get me wrong, we wanted a wedding. If we truly didn’t want to big ‘to-do’ we would have eloped. We wanted to shift our planning into the “21st century.”

Backyard Wedding Reception

Bourassa Catering

Now, four months later, we wanted to start a series of posts offering tips, ideas, and commentary on our own experiences and wedding planning in general, in hopes that we can help a community of engaged couples who are in the midst of or just starting to plan their very own DIY wedding. For those of you who are not into wedding posts (or for whatever reason sick of ours specifically), then avoid our site and other social accounts (both personal and professional) on Wednesdays.

Almost all of the photos you’ll be seeing over the next few weeks, were taken by our lovely photographer, Beth. Check her out on Instagram!

Wedding Invitations