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We’re Having a Baby

Baby Lilies and Loafers

We are so excited to share with you that we are expecting a baby in June! Words cannot describe our emotions at the moment (look out for a podcast next week). When we first found out, we felt every emotion. However, now that we’re 24 weeks through our pregnancy, we’ve had some time to let this news set in.

Baby at Lilies and Loafers

Yesterday, we celebrated our anniversary. In these nine years together, we’ve experienced so many ups, downs, emotions, and continue to discover new things about each other every day. That sounds really cheesy on the seventh time re-reading that, but it’s true. We are so excited to start this next chapter as parents. Still getting used to saying that word.

Finding Out You’re Having a Baby

After the initial shock of joy set in, we got to work. Being the logical, analytical, type-A Virgos that we are, our brains went into planning overdrive. And on day two, we were planning out the next nine months.

But the hardest part of this whole experience, was keeping this baby a secret between us. We wanted to let this sink in at our own pace, figure out our lives, and tell everyone when we were ready.

Baby Lilies and Loafers

Pregnancy is such a weird miracle. When the baby started to kick, you could see Fatima’s belly move around. I was half-expecting an alien to bust out of there. Watching the baby grow from a bean to VHS tape (according to my app) has been so amazing. Fatima is doing great. She’s had to put up with me without a drop of coffee, so she’s already a winner.

We look forward to sharing more news with you as June 3rd gets closer. However, don’t count on a gender reveal before the baby arrives. Any pregnancy tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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