Vendor Spotlight: Alyssa’s Cakery

Alyssa's Cakery
Before you read, it’s important to note this post not sponsored. We loved our food vendors and wanted to show them some extra love.

When planning your wedding, vendors are key. Finding the right vendor can be tricky. Since our wedding took place in my hometown, we went with local vendors. The first vendor we locked down, was Alyssa’s Cakery.

Cake Topper

In the year before booking her, we had so many Alyssa’s Cakery desserts for birthdays, celebrations, and our engagement cake – it was like we were under a year-long tasting. I’m the sweet tooth and knew immediately that we should book her. Fatima on the other hand, does not have the same sugar tolerance that I do. So when Fatima loves a specific dessert, you know it’s just the right amount of sweetness.

Alyssa's Cakery

Fatima and I knew we wanted to have cupcakes with a cake on top. She provides a cupcake tower for your event. We decided on French Vanilla, Chocolate Squared, and Pumpkin. Our cake at the top was red velvet. Alyssa mentioned she had never made a french vanilla flavor and would try it out. She provided tastings for each flavor and were all delicious! We fell in love with her cream cheese frosting and decided to have that top our vanilla, pumpkin, and red velvet cakes.

Sequin Tablecloth

When deciding on how many we would provide, we took our final guest count and multiplied that by 1.5. We knew not everyone would have a cupcake, and some might even have 2+, as I remember the 3 of them I scarfed down that night…

Alyssa's Cakery

We also wanted to let guests take their cupcakes home. We reached out to Alyssa, and she found us a great place who would provide boxes. At the end of the night, I remember going over to the cake table and watching guests box up remaining cupcakes to take home. We had 10 leftover.

Wedding Cupcakes

If you’re looking for a cake vendor in Connecticut, check out Alyssa’s Cakery!