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Valentine’s Day DIY Card Craft for Kids

DIY Valentine's Day Card Craft for Kids

My mom kept everything we made for her. It could have been the ugliest school craft, but she kept it. She didn’t have to, but she cherished our handmade crafts. Now, I see how special a handmade craft from your kids can be. My niece is a new big sister and she’s helping out around the house, well as much as a two-year-old can. As we let her mom and dad settle in with the new baby, I wanted to give my niece something to do to show how much she loves her growing family. We sent her a Valentine’s Day DIY card craft kit.

Valentine's Day DIY Card Craft for Kids

Every year for Valentine’s Day, I would fold stacks of red construction paper and proceed to cut out hearts for my family. Like Brian’s DIY ghosts, I can’t imagine how many paper hearts I cut out in my childhood.

Valentine's Day DIY Card Craft for Kids

The DIY card craft kit we sent my niece included all of the things she would need to decorate Valentine’s cards for the family. Our hope is this will keep her busy for the next few days and give mom and dad some extra time around the house. We live about a four hour drive away from her, so we don’t get to see her (in person) as much as we’d like to. But, we can still try to be the favorite aunt and uncle from afar.

Valentine's Day DIY Card Craft for Kids

We’re treating this like a mission. In my note to Ry, I asked for her help with creating Valentine’s Day cards because uncle Bri and auntie Fat are no longer creative. Like most kids, she’s eager to help out. Now, that she’s a big sister, she wants to help with everything. So we’re tapping into this helpfulness and getting something really special out of it. The package arrived a day early and Brian and I received the cutest picture of her holding up the box with the biggest grin on her face.

Valentine's Day DIY Card Craft for Kids

DIY Card Craft Kit for Kids

An easy Valentine's Day project for the whole family.


  • Heart stickers
  • Love and XOXO stickers
  • Crayons
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Blank Cards
  • Envelopes
  • Stamps
  • Candy


  1. Open the cards and have your kids draw pictures and write notes to your family.
  2. Have your kids add stickers and glitter to the cards.
  3. Address and stamp the envelopes.
  4. Drop them in the mail!

Valentine's Day DIY Card Craft for Kids

We made this project super easy for Ry’s mom and dad. We pre-stamped and addressed the envelopes and gave Ry all the supplies she would need to decorate the cards. Once Ry was all done with her cards, mom and dad just had to put them in the mail. We also included a few candy goodies and a Minions cup for her as a thank you.

Valentine's Day DIY Card Craft for Kids

This is a fun, kid-friendly craft the whole family can take part in. And, who doesn’t love a handmade drawing from the kids in the family? We can’t wait to see what Ryleigh sends us. We’ll update once we get her card in the mail!

Update: 2/15/17 – Ryleigh’s card arrived, mounds of glitter and all! I guess she answered our “will you be our Valentine” question in our letter 🙂

DIY Card Craft for Kids