Mango Mimosas

TGIF!  Start your morning with some mango mimosas.  I had mango mimosas when a friend and I went out to brunch a few weeks ago and loved them. So, naturally, I needed to try to make these myself…


  • 4 Mangos
  • 1 Bottle of champagne

I’ve never cut mangos before.  I discovered that they are 1.) slimy and 2.) hard to cut.  Be sure to peel them so that you’re only taking off the skin, and not large chunks of fresh mango with the skin.  Once peeled, cut into small cubes, or shave off the fruit.  At some point you’ll get to the very strange core, and you’ll be carving the mango like a turkey on thanksgiving.

Once all mangos are peeled and cubed, dump into a blender and liquify them!  After liquification (new word), strain the juice.  It’ll be a little pulpy (I didn’t hate), so be sure to not skip this step.  Unfortunately, we do not have fancy strainers, so I used a combination of a coffee press and a pasta strainer.

Pour the strained juice back into the blender, pop the champagne and add into the blender.  Blend for a 15 seconds and place in the fridge.  Once of the mistakes I made, was serving warm mimosas.  We added ice, but be sure to let this chill in the fridge before your guests arrive.  Drink up!


*Side note: If you look closely enough, you’ll see I made cinnamon rolls for that brunch as well 😉