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#LoveSummer: Putting it ‘On the Map’

DIY Pin Travel

The summer is a great time to freshen up your apartment or office space with some new decor. My collaboration with Lilies & Loafers as part of their #LoveSummer series introduces fun DIY projects you can do to satisfy that travel bug you have in you this summer.

On the Map

A few weeks ago, I shared how you can turn all the paper goods that you amass during a trip into a decorative souvenir plate. It’s a great way to remember past travels, but here’s a project that can help you do just that AND also think about upcoming trips: a map that functions both as a travel log and a mounted art piece.

DIY Pin Travel

I’ve always been fascinated with maps (I think it’s the geography geek in me) and I absolutely love traveling to different countries. So I was of course inspired when I visited a friend’s apartment and saw a large map on a cork board with push pins marking the countries where she has been.

DIY Pin Travel

A large map can potentially come across as overwhelming to the eye or even out-of-place when used as an art piece, so I decided to break it up into four panels. I also used a map that was a bit more modern with bright colors instead of one of those rusty and faded “voyage” maps we’re familiar with from social studies class. All you have to do is affix the map to the cork board and use a blade to trim the map and board into the number of panels you want. The space between the panels can help fill a bare wall nicely. You definitely want the finished product to be less “geography lesson” and more “travel story.”

Now the fun part – pinning. I used different colors to add some dimension to the surface area. Reds are where I’ve been, and the greens are where I’m going in the near future. You can also bring in other colors to mark where you’ve been with a best friend or significant other.

DIY Pin Travel

Not only is the map board a great conversation starter, it actually also helps you become more familiar with where certain countries are located. You’ll thank me for this when the geography category comes up during Jeopardy. Seeing the map all marked up is a pleasant way to recall where I’ve been, but also a reminder that there is so much left of the world I’ve yet to see. South America needs some love – any suggestions on which countries I should visit first?

What are some other DIY projects you can do using a map? Share them with us in the comments below. Happy Travels!