Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes

Cool down this summer with some fun ice cube ideas!  Whether you’re making Iced Coffee, cocktails, having a glass of wine, or just trying to keep your water cold, we’ve got some fun ideas to keep your beverages cool this summer!

Ice Cubes

Iced Coffee Cubes:

Iced Coffee Cubes

I know there are a ton a ways to make iced coffee cubes.  You can filter it, strain it, cool it down, etc.  Too many ways to keep track of.  This is the easiest way to make ice cubes for your coffee that won’t water down your coffee:

  1. Make a pot of coffee of whatever flavor your heart desires.
  2. Once it’s done, let sit to cool off.
  3. Pour [black] into ice cube trays and wait for them to freeze (this may take a while).

This way you’ll be able to enjoy homemade iced coffee without it being watered down.  I always have that issue with Dunkin – I’m sucking down the coffee fast before the ice has a chance to melt.

Faux Ice Cubes:

Always feel like you’re running our of ice, or might not have enough ice for a party?  These little creations will allow you to always have ice on hand.  Plastic exterior with distilled water on the interior, so no toxins involved.  We got these from Bed Bath and Beyond.  Dishwasher safe – but hand washing recommended.  This way you can use these for your everyday drinks and save your ice for your MarquisRitas or other cocktails.

Ice Cubes Bed Bath and Beyond

Cocktail Ice Cubes:

Sometimes you just need thick, chunky ice cubes for your drinks.  Water, soda, even your cocktails on the rocks.  We found these cool ice cube trays at HomeGoods.  They make square ice cubes – So cool!  They help to keep your drinks cool, and they churn up really well in the blender, too.  The trays are very flexible; they’re silicone trays.  No more twisting, pounding, and fighting with your stiff plastic trays.

Ice Cubes Tray

Cocktail Ice Cubes

Cocktail Ice Cubes

Frozen Grapes:

Best way to keep your white wine cool and not watered down by ice cubes?  Freeze grapes, nuff said (you can even eat them once they’ve defrosted).

Frozen Grapes

*And if you’re ever in Wallingford, CT – don’t forget to stop by Gouveia Vineyards; it’s the best Winery in the state!

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