#TBT: DIY Tissue Ghosts

DIY Ghost

As mentioned in our DIY pumpkin wreath tutorial, I used to make these DIY tissue ghosts. And not just a few around Halloween, but hundreds all year long. I must have made thousands over the course of my childhood. I don’t know why and I don’t know how I picked up the habit, but our house would be filled with these little guys.

Tissue Ghosts

So, to honor this childhood tradition, I’m revamping the project with some DIY inspiration from these tissue ghosts. This is a great project to dress up your house or apartment for Halloween. It’s even great for kids!

They’re really easy to make:

  1. Take 1 tissue and ball it up.
  2. Next, lay a second tissue over the ball and squeeze it at the neck – voilà!

The Original

I used tape around its neck when I was growing up. Some would have faces. Some wouldn’t. It all depended on how I was feeling that day.

The Original DIY Tissue Ghost

The Whimsical Neck Tie

Where was all the twine when I was a kid? Use twine for a whimsical look. I found baker’s twine, but I like the twine look better.

Face Off

Faces or no faces? Maybe if I had a thinner sharpie the face would be cuter. My childhood ghosts had those crazy looking faces below. The no-face is whimsical, especially with the twine.

Ties that Bind

If you have a bunch of them, you can make Tissue Ghost garland and string them over your windows, tables, and all over your house!

Tissue Ghost Garland

Tissue Ghost

Is there a childhood DIY project you used to do every year for Halloween? Let us know!

DIY Tissue Ghosts