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DIY Harry Potter Costumes: Another Marquis Halloween

DIY Harry Potter Costumes

Over the last two years, we slayed Halloween with our #TGIT themed Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder costumes. Our couples costume originated when we dressed up as Peter Pan and Tiger Lily when we first started dating. Since then, we’ve tried to keep the ‘couples’ thing’ going. This year, we made DIY Harry Potter costumes for Halloween.

DIY Harry Potter Costumes

For my family’s annual Halloween Party that happened this past weekend, my sister was adamant about it being Harry Potter-themed. Fatima and I were not opposed. However, we didn’t know how we could pull off a couples costume. My family really wanted me to be Harry Potter, so we had to decide what our couple costume would be based off of that alone.

DIY Harry Potter Costumes

DIY Harry Potter Costume

  • Blue/green t-shirt
  • Navy track jacket or hoodie
  • Tan jacket
  • Jeans
  • Round Glasses
  • Eyeliner pencil for the scar
  • Wand

This Harry Potter costume depicts Harry from the final battle at Hogwarts. I thought this would be the easiest costume to make, since I had everything except the jacket. I needed a new fall jacket anyway and thanks to a sale at JCrew, I got the jacket.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

And Fatima was…Hedwig!

DIY Harry Potter Costumes

DIY Hedwig Costume

  • White jacket
  • Pair of cheap sunglasses
  • White feathers
  • Hot glue
  • White spandex or long johns
  • Back card stock for the Owl beak

I was so proud of Fatima’s creativity on this project. She did such a great job executing the costume. With a little help from Martha Stewart, she pulled the whole look together.

DIY Harry Potter Costumes

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