#LoveSummer DIY Holiday Side Dishes

DIY Flower Vases

What better way to spruce up your house and outdoor spaces with some cute DIY flower vases?  These would be great for your summer parties, or everyday center pieces.  I saw the lemon-filled vase on Pinterest, so I used that same idea to create the rest.  I added burlap, ribbon, and an accent to the outside to dress them up.

DIY Vase

DIY Shell Vase

These were really easy to make; I made all three within about an hour.  I went on an adventure to Michaels and HomeGoods.  The canning jar came from Michaels and the inner vase came from HomeGoods.  I couldn’t find a thin enough vase, so I bought a jar of italian spices (thought I’d use these in cooking projects), emptied the spices into another container and placed the jar on the inside – it fit perfectly.  If you’re going to use a canning jar, go with a wide mouth jar, it will allow you to add an inner jar with room to add your decorative fillers.  When looking for your inner casing, take your canning jar with you.  You’ll want to try to fit the jars into each other so you’ll know if it will work and how much space you’ll have.

DIY Cork Vase

DIY Cork filled Vase

To make the Vase by the Sea, I placed the inner jar inside first and then added shells.  I had to shake the jar around to get the shells to go around the inner casing evenly.  To make the Wino Vase, I followed the same steps as the previous, except I had to add some extra love and squeezed the corks into the jar.  To make the Lemon Vase, I sliced up 2 lemons.  Placed the inner casing in the canning jar, and added the lemon slices.  When I got to the top, I sliced the lemon slices in half to fit them at the top.  I filled the area with the lemons up with water.  To attach the accents, the burlap, and ribbon, you can use hot glue.  For the purpose of these photos I used duct tape 🙂

DIY Shell Vase

DIY Shell Vase

All of the items for the 3 vases cost me just under $30 before tax and excluding the flowers, or $10 per vase.  The burlap and ribbon will be used for future projects, so if you’re making more jars, your cost per jar would go down.

  • Wide mouth jar: $2.29
  • Butterfly: $1.99
  • Burlap: $6.99
  • Starfish (pack of 3): $5.99
  • Shells: $2.99
  • Ribbon ($1.79) x3 colors: $5.37
  • Lemons (.89 cents) x2: $1.78
  • Corks – collected with each bottle of wine over the last year…

DIY Lemon Vase

DIY Lemon Vase

Don’t like the starfish?  Tie a bow!

DIY Flower Vase with Bow

You can always undress your vases, too…

DIY Lemons in Vase

Show us your vases and always #LoveSummer!