5 DIY Projects to Share Your Travel Adventures

5 DIY Projects

Here are 5 DIY Projects to share you travel adventures.

Where will your travel plans take you in 2017? Last year, we ended up in London. It was mostly Fatima on business with me tagging along. But in the 36 hours of free time we had to explore, we covered every inch of that city. We woke up early, put on our sneakers and began walking. This year, it’ll be Maui for my cousin’s wedding. Next year? We’re currently figuring that out; stay tuned. Wherever your travel plans will take you, make sure you get to enjoy your trip.n

Lilies and Loafers in London

Put down the phone, unless you’re taking a photo, and make a memory. When we were in London, we did not activate our International roaming. Bad idea? Maybe. But, it forced us to look up and take in the city.

Lilies and Loafers in London

When we travel we like to explore like locals. Living in New York City has made us dislike many tourist attractions. Unavoidably, we work in two of the biggest tourist hotspots in the city. However, we avoid these places when we don’t have to go to work. We mostly find ourselves sticking to the Upper East Side/East Harlem and exploring the local gems these neighborhoods have to offer.

Whether you’re traveling up the road, across state lines, or flying internationally, commemorate your trip with these 5 DIY Projects.

  1. Instagram Photo Collage
  2. DIY Instagram Coasters
  3. Map Plate
  4. DIY Map Ornaments
  5. Destinations on a Map