Bye 2013, I can’t believe how fast you flew by! Some say you were not a good year, others said you were great. For us, you were awesome. Looking back on the year, I can’t believe how much happened. We successfully rebranded our site to Lilies and Loafers, (RIP 2 Broke Cooks), our readership grew exponentially, Fatima completed her CPA exam, I started taking classes in my MBA program, and we got engaged!

That’s right, Lilies and Loafers are getting hitched – 2014 will already be a great year.

Lilies and Loafers

2013 marked a huge milestone for us; we had over 100,000 visitors to our site! Having only moved over from Tumblr about a year and a few months ago, these were huge numbers to hit for us – trust me, the bar was not that high. Not to mention we were viewed in over 150 countries! We really couldn’t have done this without our amazing readers. You all tweeted, pinned, liked, posted, and reposted our content to all corners of the world – THANK YOU!

Lilies and Loafers 2013 COUNTRIES

We can’t leave out our guest bloggers either. Stephanie, Ashley, Becca, Colleen – you rock. You made and shared some delicious stuff and attracted eyeballs to our site, which was pinned, repinned, liked, and shared around the interwebs. You took time out of your busy schedules to contribute to foodies everywhere. Thank you for your support – our blog is always open and we hope you’ll continue to share some of your delicious dishes (and DIY projects) again soon.

Looking ahead, we know we have some areas to work on – like better photos, more unique content, and engagement across multiple platforms. We know what’s working and what’s not, but it’s always nice to get feedback from you. Let us know what we can improve and/or what you want to see. We love your comments and welcome them daily. We want to include more media in our posts, like original GIFs and VIDEO! That’s right, video – Food Network, here we come!

Food Network Star

Cheers to 2013, thank you for being great. 2014, you have some big shoes to fill, and I hope you are able to fill them up to the brim with a classic Marquisrita.

Here’s a fun infographic highlighting our 2013.