Wedding Wednesday: Best Woman

Almost everything about our wedding is going to steer slightly away from, “traditional.” While thinking about who Fatima and I wanted to stand up for us, a few people came to mind. Ultimately, I decided on my sister, Colleen, to fill the spot as my Best Woman. I’m from a large, close family and picking Coll was a no brainer.

But how? How do you ask your sister to be your best woman? Well, like most of my family, she’s a sentimental sap when it comes to a good heart-felt gift, especially when it’s a well made craft.

Best Woman

Christmas was full of tears. I saved a few gifts for the end. Two for my parents; Cat’s Meow replicas of our family home and lake house. I gave our family home to my mom and the lake house to my dad. Cat’s Meow did a fantastic job. The amount of detail included in the pieces were amazing. When we get to the lake house, my dad has a ritual: he takes out the Betsy Ross and the state flag and hangs them outside our front door. In my notes to the designers, I explained how these two flags were so important to the house and they included them – amazing. So as my dad opened that house, and my mom the other, tears began to build up in their eyes. Was it the amazing detail, the heartfelt story on the back, or the thoughtful gift?

Cat's Meow

As my parents were in awe of their gifts, I handed Colleen hers. A crafted shadow box, cue tears.

Best Woman