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Wedding Wednesday: We Are Getting Hitched

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In late October, I proposed to Fatima, adding another chapter to our 5-year story in the making. And now, we are getting hitched…THIS YEAR!


When I was shopping around for ring, I casually asked Fatima her ring size. I think she was too stressed with her CPA exam to question my question, so she just looked at me and said, “It’s a 7, you should know that.” So what did I do? Made sure the ring that I got was a size 7. And what happened? The ring slipped right off her finger because she’s a size…5! Luckily the Diamond District in NYC is fantastic and can resize a ring in about 30 minutes, however, I don’t recommend watching, it’s very stressful once they start hammering and throwing the ring into fire.

We are getting hitched

Why did we wait so long to post about it? I’m not sure. We wanted to tell our families first, our friends, and then start planning – which somewhat took over our lives for a few weeks. Now that we have a few things pinned down, we can start posting about our progress 🙂

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We are getting hitched