Our Week in iPhone (#1)

Our Week in iPhone

It’s May! I can’t believe how fast this year is going. We have been so behind on posting lately – a little cray cray in the Marquis-Sow household – but my last final of the semester is due this week, and Fatty’s busy season has come to an end (knock on wood). More delicious dishes are ready to be cooked and posted! Bring on summer! Our week in iPhone has been jam-packed with family events. It started with a baby shower for Fatima’s brother, and ended with a surprise party for my parents’ 30th Wedding Anniversary. For once, it was a true surprise.


Fatima: My family welcoming new family. We’re going to be the favorite aunts 🙂


Fatima: Family 🙂


Brian: I was winning the baby shower game by stealing all the pins from my future mother-in-law.


Fatima: The Sows.

Brian: I was all over this Reeses Ice Cream Cake at the baby shower.

Brian: I was all over this Reese’s Ice Cream Cake at the baby shower.

This is the story of my life

Brian: Fatima sent me this photo which pretty much sums up my life.

Alumni Day

Brian: I sent this to Fatima joking about how they moved up Fall Fest to avoid our wedding – so glad we won’t miss it 😉

Playing House

Brian: A new comedy (Playing House) premiered on USA, and I was happy to see it trending – Tues @ 10p!


Brian: SVU returned Wednesday after a brief hiatus. It was intense #trustbenson


Brian: My sister sent me a wedding dress and said she was wearing it to the wedding. I sent her this and said she’s actually wearing this, but in gold.


Fatima: Throw back Thursday for the Sow Sisters!

Georgetown Cupcake

Brian: That time we picked up 40 Georgetown Cupcake cupcakes and sat on a stalled subway for 40 minutes. We were in the middle of a tunnel.


Brian: Oh what a relief!


Brian: And back to anxiety…


Brian: In order to throw off my parents about my whereabouts, I said I was at brunch with Fatima. I literally googled “NYC Brunch” and instagrammed it…

Fatima: We brainstormed so many ways to get Brian's parents out of the house...

Fatima: We brainstormed many ways to get Brian’s parents out of the house…


Brian: Fatima almost flew away with two dozen balloons. On our way to the car, we lost 3.


Fatima: Brian and his parents arrived back to the house with his family waiting for them at the top of their driveway. Surprise!


Brian: Our surprise 30th Anniversary party for my parents was a true surprise!


Fatima: Champagne toast to my future in-laws!


Brian: We made my parents play the shoe game. I learned things I cannot ‘unlearn’.

Hayden is pooped

Fatima: Hayden was socially drained after that surprise party…


Fatima: …and I was too!

Yankee Candle

Brian: In passing my sister’s room, I smelled a delightful candle. I want.


Fatima: What train should we take back to city?


Fatima: Coffee cannot even wake me up. This weekend was so much fun, but so draining!


Brian: It was so beautiful today, Coll gave me a haircut on the patio!


Fatima: Hayden wants to sit on my lap.

Train Station

Brian: As we waited for the train back to NYC, a look at the ceiling of Union Station…


Brian: I ventured through my Instagram feed on the train back to NYC, and discovered this gem.

Brian: The last Georgetown Cupcake from the party. Eaten on arrival at our apartment :)

Brian: The last Georgetown Cupcake from the surprise party. Ate it upon arrival to our apartment 🙂