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Garden Thyme: Wedding Cleaning

Garden Cleaning

Ahhh, what a summer! Although the heat wasn’t as bad, this rainless summer was not good for my plants. While I had an abundance of almost everything I planted, I had a small window to harvest my crops before they began to wither. This summer was so dry, but I was surprised by how juicy my tomatoes were this season.


Usually I’d wait until October to start cleaning up my space, but there happens to be a rather large event (cough*wedding*cough) happening on our lawn in about 17 days. Since everything started to wither faster than normal, now was a good time to clean it up before outsiders saw the mess. My sweet potatoes and celery continue to thrive and have a few more weeks until I can harvest them, so I left them to continue growing. Ultimately, I’ll be winterizing the rest of my gardening spaces in a few weeks and expanding this garden once Brian and Fatima no longer need the space 😉

sweet potatoes

Garden Cleaning

Now, I’m beginning to fill up my cleared garden with some *things* for my brother’s wedding. I won’t spoil it, so mums the word for now…