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Garden Thyme: Green Machines

Lettuce is one of the few vegetables that is the easiest to grow, and staple green machines hardcore smoothies. This year, I’ve done kale, bib lettuce and red romaine. All of these lettuces are tolerant to colder weather, shade and can last well through the fall. You’d be surprised how well they’re easy to grow in containers. Last year, I put romaine in my garden and it brought all the animals to the yard – it had no chance.

Bib Lettuce

This year I decided to grow them in well-drained pots on our deck. This is convenient especially if you don’t have a garden space, you’re able to grow them in pots on your deck or patio. I started them in March and already, I’ve harvested them one time! They grow big and full. I cut the leaves from the outside in (the leaves that were ready).


If I was farther into the growing season, (closer to fall) I would cut the plant down to the roots and try to grow another head because this plant loves cold weather. The lettuce also has a sweeter taste once you wait to harvest in the fall. If find you your lettuce is bitter-tasting, store in refrigerator and it will help decrease the bitter taste. So what are you waiting for, are you ready to grow a salad?

Red Romaine