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Fatima’s Picks: UncommonGoods

This post brought to you by UncommonGoods.

As Christmas gets closer, panic sets in as we try to figure out gifts for the hard-to-buy people in our lives. Our friends at UncommonGoods broke out their best gifts ‘for him’, ‘for her’, and for stocking stuffers to make it easy for us to find the best and most unusual gifts for the people in our lives.

Why do we love UncommonGoods? For one, they’re located right in Brooklyn! They support and provide a unique platform for artists and designers – over half of what they sell is made by hand! The company keeps creativity at its core. UncommonGoods offers a big selection of really unique products, making it easy for you to find that perfect gift. Here are my handpicked gifts for some of the people in my life.

For Him: Brian

Brian is a very picky person. He’s quirky, fun, and loves unique gifts.

  • Stoneware Nacho Plate: He loves a good plate of nachos. Whether he’s making a homemade plate in the oven for a party, or on the fly for movie night, Brian will be able to use this dish (both microwave and oven friendly) to make the perfect nachos.


  • Dirftwood iPhone Charging Dock: How stylish is this? Usually our phones are thrown somewhere on the night stand under books or magazines during their charge. Fumbling around in the middle of the night for a time check is exhausting. Now, he’ll be able to display his phone in a handcrafted dock. Plus we’re trying this whole nautical theme and it would fit perfectly.

iphone dock

  • Bad Idea / Good Idea Shot Glasses: We all know Brian loves his Tequila. Now, when we’re getting ready for a party, we can consciously decide if the shots we’re taking are a good / bad idea.

  • Stocking Stuffer: Brian is a chocolate chip cookie addict. Well, he’s pretty much in love with anything you can dunk in milk. This is the perfect stocking stuffer.
cookie mug

For Him: My Four Brothers

  • Till Watch: When my whole family gets together, we have a great time. However, getting them there in one room is a project in itself. This is the perfect gift for my brothers. The watch is stylish and if I give it them (set 10 mins fast) I’ll ensure they get to family functions on time.


For Him: My Father in-law

Brian’s just like his father, which makes him hard to shop for. But like Brian, he loves thoughtful, and unusual gifts.

  • Ballpark Blueprints: Brian’s dad frames everything; if it’s not in a frame, it won’t go on the wall. He’s also huge Yankees fan (maybe not of this last season). This is a unique gift he would love to hang in his man cave.

yankee map

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For Her: My Mom

Mommy loves pretty much anything I gift for her. After all, I’m her favorite daughter. That’s saying a lot because there are four of us.

  • Glass Teapot with Stand: Mommy loves her tea. Anytime I go to visit, a pot of tea will be brewing. The morning, afternoon, evening, she’ll drink tea (with a little sugar) anytime of the day. Which means, she’ll get a lot of use out of this gift.

  • Tea from Around the World: To pair with the tea pot above, I’d include this tea set featuring teas from around the world. She’s always bringing us the most unusual teas, so now I get to share some with her.

For Her: My Three Sisters

Each of them as a unique personality, which can make shopping for them easy, but also pretty hard. As I was looking around for ideas for them, one sister came to mind for the gifts below. She loves the environment, sustainable products, and a vegetarian.

  • Micro Green Kit: She’s always on the go. This kit will be easy for her to setup and maintain. Once everything is grown, she’ll be able to eat. It’s perfect.

micro green

  • Define Bottle: I love this gift for myself! My sister is always trying to infuse her water with flavors. This bottle will make it easier for her to do so, so she can spend more time saving the world.

define bottle

  • Stocking Stuffer: Always on the move, my sister will be able to freshen her space (where ever that may be) with this natural purifying filter. The fact that it lasts for two years makes this gift worth buying.

fresh air

For Her: My Mother in-law

  • Coffee Explorer Kit: Brian inherits his coffee addition from his mother. This assortment of coffee beans will get her to explore new brews from around the world.

coffee explorer

  • Stocking Stuffer: My mother in-law loves her candles and perfume. This is a unique gift she will love to wear.

wear candle

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For Him or Her: Friends

  • Wooden Wine Glasses: My friends love unusual gifts. Especially if they’re stylish. They also love wine. These wine glasses would pair nicely with their favorite bottles of cabernet.

wooden glasses

  • Mixology Dice: When we get together, the one question we all ask is, “What should we drink?” Leaving that answer up to chance would be a great way to try something new and different every time we have a party.

mix dice

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