DIY Side Dishes Wedding

DIY Menus, Ad Libs, and Programs

DIY Menus, Ad Libs, and Programs

Like we did for our invitations, if you have the skill set, we had DIY Menus, Ad Libs, and Programs. It’s the easiest way to cut out waste from your budget. Trust me, the little savings add up. However, if you are making these yourself, have them done way in advance and send them around for proofing to at least three people.

We decided to DIY Menus, Ad Libs and Programs for two reasons. 1) We saw value in saving money and applying those savings to other things. 2) Fatima and I would be the only people who may save these programs for an extended amount of time. While we almost upgraded our printing services, we saw more value in splurging in other places that made sense to us and leaned more on our creativity and witty sense of humor.

DIY Wedding Lanterns

Wedding DIY

Wedding Reception Program

Have fun with these and be as formal or as informal as you want to be. For more of our Wedding DIY, check out our other post!