Homemade Pizza


I love cooking, well I like baking decadent desserts better, but I love crafting food from scratch.  This weekend, I took a recipe I learned from a wine tasting and turned it into one of the best homemade-pizzas I’ve ever made…

I made a steak pizza, and a mushroom pizza, on homemade* dough.

The Dough (Flatbread Style)

Made from milk, yeast, and flour.  Beat up, and sat out for 4 hours to rise.

Steak Pizza

Cooked steak with a pink sea salt coating, cilantro, mozzarella cheese, and lightly glazed with a tuscan honey.

Mushroom Pizza

Portabella, shitake, and baby bella mushrooms, borsin cheese, mozzarella cheese, and glazed with white truffle oil.

My girlfriend and I took a wine and food pairing class a month ago, and learned how to pair wines with pizzas (so I owe NY Vinters a big shout out for the recipe!)

The pizzas had flavor; mostly brought out by the salt, honey, and white truffle oil.  The steak should be paired with a red wine (cab), and the mushroom, a dry white wine.

*My friends back in the NY area should expect an invitation soon to a pizza party, once I move into a new place.