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DIY Glow Stick Jars

We’ve seen these DIY Glow Stick Jars floating around Pinterest over the last few months and we’ve been dying to try them out.  Remember, glow sticks are toxic when you open them up, so be sure to have an adult with the proper tools (i.e. goggles, gloves) do this.

Glow in the Dark Jars

These are really easy to make and are a unique way to light up your entertaining spaces this summer.  What’s great about the glow sticks, is that you can use any colors you’d like.  Blue, red, green, it’s like a rave in your jar.  In the jar above, we mixed red and blue and it blended into that cool purple color you see in the photos.

Glow Stick Jars

Glow Stick Jars


  • Glow stick
  • Jar
  • Scissors


  1. Crack the glow sticks and shake.
  2. Cut the end of the glow sticks and pour into the jar.
  3. Close the jar and shake around.
  4. Enjoy your cool centerpieces this summer – glow lasts several hours!

*Try one out before your next event to gauge how long your jars will glow for.

Glow Stick Jars