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Garden Thyme: Tomatoes

Tomatoes are everyone’s favorite vegetable (really a fruit) to plant during the gardening season because they are easy and bountiful! There are many different kinds of tomato seeds to start with, depending on what kind of tomato you want to grow…

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Garden Thyme: Eggplant

For the past two years I’ve had an abundance of eggplant! They grow the best in sunny, well drained areas but also need lots of water. I bought 6 young plants this year and planted them about two feet apart.…

Pumpkin Patch
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Garden Thyme: Pumpkin Patch

This is the second year I am doing pumpkins. Last year, I had the pumpkins growing in my garden but they didn’t have enough room to expand so they never produced and I think I planted them too early.…

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Garden Thyme: Colleen’s Intro

Hi, I’m Colleen, Brian’s younger sister. Over the past two years, I’ve transformed our back lawn into an edible garden of Eden. Brian asked me to start a weekly post to share my gardening tips, so here’s a little intro…