Buffalo Shrimp Pizza

Like all of the other pizza recipes, the dough is the same, the toppings are different.  Just refer back to an earlier recipe for the instructions.

This time, we picked up some shrimp at our local grocer and cooked them first (while we were cooking the dough).  I’ve never seen frozen nor uncooked shrimp before, so they freaked me out when they came out of the bag.  Once they turn color, take them out, wash them off and pull their shells off, including the tails.

Layer of cheese on the dough, dip each shrimp in BBQ sauce (you know I love Frank’s!) and place evenly apart.  We threw some crumbled bleu cheese in with the mozzarella for more taste, pairing with the BBQ sauce.  Throw in the oven, and cook until the cheese melts through and the dough turns more golden brown.  Voila – buffalo shrimp pizza!  (I think next time, I’ll use some seasonings and more shrimp).

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