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21 DIY Ideas for Your Next Harry Potter Party: Another Marquis Halloween

21 DIY Harry Potter Party Ideas

Colleen, Fatima, and I are our family’s biggest Harry Potter fans. When the books launched in stores, my mom, Colleen, and I would wait outside for hours until midnight just so we could get a copy. Fatima said her family would just go the closest supermarket and they would have dozens of books. They would walk right in and be done. There were no lines to wait in since everyone was at the bookstores! Whenever any of the Harry Potter movies are on TV, we’re tuning in (even though we own the DVDs). And we’ve all been fortunate enough to experience the two Wizarding World of Harry Potter attractions at Universal Orlando. Like millions of people around the world, we love the franchise. So, it would make sense that we’d have a Harry Potter Party. Although, I’m surprised we haven’t done this theme sooner!

DIY Harry Potter Party

Last weekend, Fatima and I made our way back to Connecticut to my parents’ house for my family’s annual Halloween Party. We’ve been working for weeks on the Harry Potter party theme. With about 80 RSVPs we planned to spread out the party across the house and yard. But it rained, and rained, and rained all day. We had to act fast and come up with a plan B. We segmented the house into the Great Hall, 4 Privet Drive, the Forbidden Forest, and Platform 9 3/4. In the end, our execution worked out in our favor and we transformed every space. One of the garages was used as the backup for the ‘Beer Garden’ (last year it was in the garden), and we mashed up the space with some great scenes.

To get you inspired to throw your own DIY Harry Potter Party, here are the things we created for our family’s annual Halloween event.

1. Hogwarts Express

Colleen did a fantastic job on this. She used cardboard to build the train.

Hogwarts Express

2. Hogwarts & Forbidden Forest Signs

We created these signs in Pages with the Harry P font.

Hogwarts and Forbidden Forest DIY Signs

3. Patronus Stag & 4. DIY Dementor

We borrowed our aunt and uncle’s Christmas reindeer and we used a skeleton and black cheesecloth to make the Dementor.

Patronus Stag

DIY Dementor

DIY Dementor and Patronus

5. Hogwarts Castle

Colleen painted this fabulous mural on cardboard as a backdrop for the beer pong and flip cup table.

DIY Hogwarts Mural for a Harry Potter Party

6. Sorting Hat

Every Great Hall needs a Sorting Hat to sort guests into their houses. I got Colleen this Sorting Hat a while back as a gift.

Sorting Hat

7. Platform 9 3/4 Photo Booth

Plastic brick backdrop, a truck, and thrift store luggage.

Platform 9 3/4 Photo Booth

Platform 9 3/4 Photo Booth

8. ‘Have You Seen This Wizard’ Photo Booth Prop

Using a white foam board and sticker lettering from Michaels, we recreated this wanted poster.

DIY Have You Seen This Wizard

DIY Have You Seen This Wizard

9. Wanted Wizard/Witch posters

We found these signs here, printed them, and scattered them around the house.

Have You Seen This Wizard Wanted Sign

10. Floating Candles

These were so magical! Once the sun set, they lit up the sunroom and setup our Great Hall. Tutorial for the candles here.

DIY Floating Candles

11. Golden Snitches

Ferrero Rochers and DIY wings from Bite Sized Biggie.

DIY Floating Candles

12. Pumpkin Bisque

Just a great dish to serve at any fall or Halloween party. This rocked.

Pumpkin Bisque

13. Butterbeer

The best non-alcoholic Butterbeer recipe we’ve had! It’s not a copycat of Universal’s, it’s better. Not too sweet, just right. We quadrupled the recipe and filled shot-glass-sized cups up so everyone could have a taste.

Homemade Butterbeer

14. Chocolate wands

Large pretzel rods, a bag of chocolate chips (melted), sprinkles. Done.

Homemade Chocolate Wands

15. Hogwarts House Banners

Easiest way to add a little Harry Potter to your party. Get your own House banners!

DIY Hogwarts House Banners

16. Letters Flying out of the Fireplace

With our own fireplace, we had to recreate that iconic scene and moment from the book. 4PrivetDrive Font is from Krats.

Hogwarts Acceptance Letters

Hogwarts Acceptance Letters

17. Flying Keys

Old keys + ribbon tied in bows + fishing line = a magical scene.

DIY Flying Keys

DIY Flying Keys

18. Moaning Myrtle

Moaning Myrtle

19. Chamber of Secrets

Red chalkboard marker + a mirror.

Chamber of Secrets

20. Halloween Costume Trophies

Using these skeletons, we glued together these funny poses for our trophies: Best Pumpkin, Best Costume, and Who Wore it Best.

Best Pumpkin Trophy

Best Costume Trophy

Who Wore It Best Halloween Costume Trophy

21. DIY Hedwig and Harry Potter Costumes

Check out our post on our DIY Harry Potter costumes and see more costumes from the party!

DIY Harry Potter Costumes

Harry Potter Party

21 Ideas for Your Next Harry Potter Party