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New Bed Spread

We finally got a new bed spread!  When we first moved in, we were using my old gray and red bedding I got when I first moved to the city.  Very masculine, I liked it but Fatima did not.  It was made for a twin bed.

34 CU bed

When Fatima moved the rest of her stuff into the apartment, we outfitted the bed with her duvet set – too feminine.  It worked; it was made for a queen sized bed.  A few weeks ago in our weekly routine of washing the bed sheets, we pulled the duvet cover from the dryer and into our sun-filled bedroom.  It was yellow.  A sign we needed an upgrade.

On one of our biweekly trips to Target in the very upper east side, Fatima found these enormous king-sized pillows on sale for $8.  Her pillow, a dilapidated Ralph Lauren pillow from HomeGoods, was in need of an upgrade.  On our way to the pillow cases we passed by the duvet sets.

We found it; a duvet we could agree on.  Bold and a little nautical.  We decided this was the one.  That led us to replacing the sheets that kept slipping off the bed, 2 MORE pillows for the new shams, and finally, to the pillow cases.


We are so happy with our new set.  Half of the bed is made up of pillows.  Our king pillows (gray) in the back, then our former sleeping pillows (light blue), the sham pillows (same as the bed spread design), and two french-country style pillows I bought off of Etsy.  I was trying to find something that was inspired by Victoria Grayson’s chair from ABC’s Revenge.


So much comfort with extra pillows for guests.  Do you think there are too many pillows?