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#LoveSummer: American Museum of Natural History


One of the things on our bucket list this summer, was to visit the American Museum of Natural History. Right in our backyard, we hadn’t been to the museum in years and thought it would be a great thing to do on a rainy day. So far, this summer has been a little rainy on the weekends, so we used on of our rainy weekend days to hit up the museum.

Rainy Days

It was a tiring day! We arrived around 10:30 a.m. and left around 4:30 p.m. We packed in almost every exhibit we could and paid for one extra exhibit, the Dark Matter presentation in the Hayden Planetarium.



Sabre Tooth Tiger


Tyrannosaurus Rex

I loved their iOS app! It made navigating the museum so easy. And if we wanted to go from one exhibit to the next, the app guided us there! Much appreciated as it helped us to plan out our day. We could have definitely broke up our visit into two days since there was so much to walk through.

Lighting in the museum is not very photo-friendly, so these photos don’t do it justice. These are only a sneak peek, so make sure to check out the museum if you’re in NYC!

Blue Whale

Some Things We Learned:

  1. In the African Kingdoms, men were kings but only inherited their royalty through their mothers. This is where the women of the tribes held power. In the Lovedu tribes, women ruled.
  2. The museum holds the first complete Tyrannosaurus skull ever collected. While it’s one of the most familiar dinosaurs, it’s skeletons are quite rare.
  3. African people created spirits rather than a god.
  4. Through abundant geological evidence, there was a major volcanic episode that spewed lava out of India. Around the same time, a large asteroid or comet struck the Earth near Yucatan Mexico. These two events may have caused non-avian dinosaurs to become extinct.
  5. Pack your own snacks!
  6. Certain people do not belong, nor appreciate museums and should stay home.


Moon Rock