Garden Thyme: Blueberry Bushes

Blueberry Bushes

Blueberry bushes are a perennial flowering bush that can produce fruit up to 20 years. I have three blueberry bushes and I space them about 4-5 feet from each other as to anticipate their growth.

Blueberry Bush

You should at least have two or three bushes because they are partially self fertile which means they pollinate themselves. When you first plant them, find an area that is well drained but can be kept moist since they tend to be picky about their soil. I had to move mine twice and now they are better than ever! I have yet to prune mine because they have not grown tall, but you do not have to prune blueberry bushes for at least three years. Even though these bushes are resistant to most pests and diseases, they are a great snack for the birds and other animals. I drape a net over them and take it off after harvesting.

Blueberry Bush

Blueberries are ready to be picked in mid July to maybe mid August depending on the region you live in. You’ll know when it’s time to harvest them when their color is deep blue and the way they fall off the stem. If you have to force them off they aren’t ready.  If you have many blueberries during harvest you can freeze them to save for later. Remember the more bushes, the blueberries for harvest time!