Fourth of July Party Planners

Cupcake Sparkler

We can’t believe the Fourth of July holiday is right around the corner! How are we half way through 2016 already?! Fourth of July is a celebration for the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. It’s when the 13 colonies declared themselves a new nation. Do you think they had any Fourth of July Party Planners back then to kick off being an independent nation?

Our Fourth of July celebrations usually involve a picnic or BBQ in New Hampshire, Connecticut, or right here in NYC. While we’re usually the ones making most of the food, we love traveling to our friends’ apartments around the city for their outdoor picnics. All of these parties are usually paired with anything and everything decorated in red, white, and blue, sparklers, and topped off with fireworks.

Exhibit A: some of our New Hampshire Fourth of July excursions on Lake Winnipesaukee…

Mt. Washington Cruise

Wolfeboro, NH

Exhibit B: my favorite kind of firework. I love the slow burn and the sparkly effect as it burns away. Sorry, but I need to step up my firework photo taking game…

Fourth of July Party Planners

While it’s not the most important thing that your decorations coordinated in red, white, and blue, the least you can do is make sure you are. Exhibit C: the quintessential, New England male dress code for a Fourth of July picnic. However, if I had to make an edit, the blue shirt would be navy and/or a polo. This pose and outfit were approved by the wife.

Fourth of July Party Planners

This year, I’m going to make an apple pie. Why? I’ve craved an apple pie since Thanksgiving. I had all the intentions of making an apple pie when we first moved in to our new apartment to break in the oven. I also wanted to update the apple pie pictures on the recipe page. However, I never got around to it. Besides, what’s more American than apple pie?

Whether you’re hosting or attending a party/picnic, we are here to help! Let us be your Fourth of July party planners and help you plan your event from start to finish. We looked through our recipes and entertaining tips for some of our favorite picnic and holiday dishes. Ideas below range from breakfast to dinner, drinks to desserts, and outdoor planning ideas.

For more inspiration take a look around our site, across our Pinterest boards or send us a tweet! Let us know what you’ll be making for the Fourth of July!

Oh, by the way, happy 240th birthday, America!

When all else fails, stick a sparkler in the closest piece of food!

Sparkler in a Cupcake

Fourth of July Party Planners