DIY Halloween Holiday Side Dishes

Cousin Itt and Samara

In addition the plethora of food you’ll be making and the jack-o-lanterns you’ll be carving for the front of your house, you’ll have decisions to make about what to do on the inside. To fill up space, we made some frightful characters to place around the house.


I saw Starshine Chic used a grass umbrella and topped with a top hat. Shopping around the dollar store, I came across these $1 hula skirts. I bought a few of them and when I got to the house, I saw Colleen had tomato cages stacked up from her Garden Thyme clean-up. It was perfect! I wrapped the hula skirts around the cages, tied them in place, added a top hat and sunglasses. Voila! Cousin Itt!

Cousin Itt



This scared me for a few days. Colleen made Samara out of a white mask, a dollar-store wig, and her salon head tripod. We placed her at the end of the hallway by the bathroom and stuck a store light behind her. She was freaky looking!