Color Run

color run

Today we participated in the NYC Color Run!

We had so much fun.  The day started at 4:45 4:30am, 15 minutes before my alarm went off.  I rolled out of bed to a bowl of corn flakes.

After brushing our teeth and getting our stuff together, we ventured off at 5:10am for the 4 express subway at 86th street.  Note #1: The 4 express is NOT express at 5am on a Saturday.  After realizing that the 4 train was running local (thank you to the other white-shirted participants also up at that ungodly hour at the same stop) we hopped on the subway all the way to Franklin Ave…24 LOCAL stops later.  I think I’ll skip the transferring to the 2 train (7 more stops) and go right to the bus.

We get off the subway with a sea of other white shirts and made our way to the bus.  Note #2: The closest subway stop to Marine Park was 3.5 miles away…aka take the bus to the complex.  The complex had shuttles going back and forth to the bus stop, which was really great, but they were $4.  I would have thought that when I paid $50 to participate, the shuttles would be free (maybe something to think about next time…)  Regardless we made it to the complex around 7:30am!  Coming from Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, and Jersey, the rest of our team assembled to the field.

Before Photo:

We ran up to the start line (ended up being wave #4 and in the front) and awaited for our turn to begin the 5k.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!  And we were off!  3.5 miles later…9:00AM…

At the end of the marathon, there’s the final packet throw and celebration.  Basically a dance party for the rest of the morning, and more color!  I took a video with my camera, but stopped it short because I was afraid of the dust getting in the lens.  So here’s a sneak peek…

Our AFTER pictures:

The run was a ton of fun and I’d recommend it to anyone! (Next year, I would most certainly take a Zipcar to the complex).  What a great day to spend with friends doing something really fun, and getting in a great workout of course!

Once we finally got back to our apartment, we had a little picnic on the floor (we were starving!) before taking showers…unfortunately we didn’t make the food, but we can thank, Subway, PopCorners, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade for the refuel 😉

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