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DIY Garden Thyme Side Dishes

DIY Spring Flower Arrangement

Spring Flower Arrangement

I love flowers. They make me happy. They also make the space they fill brighter and happier, too. When it comes to gifts, I am a very simple person. Gift me flowers. For Valentine’s this year, Brian gave me a homemade spring flower arrangement. When we first started dating, Brian sent me a beautiful bouquet of Peruvian (alstroemeria) lilies to my dorm. They were gorgeous. I swear, they lasted for two weeks. On our nine year anniversary last week, I walked…

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Two Scoops Podcast News

Some Exciting News

If you didn't get a chance to read our blog last week, then you are missing out on our some exciting news! We sat down a few months ago to talk about this life change and the events of…

Baby Lilies and Loafers
Millennial and Pregnant Parenting

We’re Having a Baby

We are so excited to share with you that we are expecting a baby in June! Words cannot describe our emotions at the moment (look out for a podcast next week). When we first found out, we felt every emotion.…

slutty brownies
All Recipes Dessert

Slutty Brownies

This post on Slutty Brownies was originally published on July 10, 2012. Photos have been updated. These slutty brownies are so delicious! They combine everything I love: chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and Oreos. With the summer in full swing,…

How to Vacation like a Boss
Side Dishes Travel

5 Steps to Planning a Short Vacation

arAt the end of a vacation, no one wants to say they wished they had more time to see [insert tourist attraction]. However, the last thing you want to do is jam pack your itinerary and not experience your…

Two Scoops Podcast Date Night

Date Night Dinner Ideas

We are so lucky to have an endless supply of cozy date night spots in New York City. However, sometimes you just want a date night in. One of our first dates (9 years ago!) was a homemade dinner.…

Sea Shell Wreath
DIY Side Dishes

DIY Sea Shell Wreath

This post was originally published on June 11, 2013. After four years of dragging it in and out of storage, some of the shells went missing and others needed to be secured. We updated this post on our DIY…

we're bringing this to the mainland and giving you a chance to taste it with this Hot Mana Hot Sauce Giveaway!
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Hot Mana Hot Sauce Giveaway

This Hot Mana Hot Sauce giveaway ended Wednesday, 1/24/18. Thank you to everyone who entered! You guys, we’ll never be done talking about Hawaii. My cousin (the one living in Hawaii) starting crafting a deliciously-hot hot sauce a few months…

Fried Oreos
#LoveSummer All Recipes Dessert Holiday Snacks

Fried Oreos

This post on Fried Oreos was originally published on September 18, 2012. Updates were made to photos, formatting, and text. Basically, it was completely rewritten. Happy New Year! This year, Fatima and I were planning to stay in. Thank goodness we…

Instagram Photo Collage
DIY Side Dishes

DIY Instagram Photo Collage Refresh: 2017

We put together our photo DIY Instagram photo collage two years ago. Since then, we print updated photos and replace older ones as new memories are made. This year, these are the photos that made the frame. Memories with…

73 Questions With Brian and Fatima

Merry Christmas! In this episode, we're running through 73 questions. We hope you are entertained by our game and learn something new about us.…